Trade Secrets: Presenting your best self

Face-to-face communications skills for writers

We writers may be ace at choosing the right words for the page, but there’s so much more to communicating well in person. This lively session taught us how to make a good impact and handle our clients with confidence.

Running the session was the delightful Janet Gordon, consultant, trainer and coach in cultural and behavioural change, leadership, impact and presentation skills. Janet started her working life in theatre, and now works with blue-chip companies (she says the similarities are frightening).

We left this session with:

  • insights into how to make a good impression
  • an understanding of how to tune into other people and adapt your style
  • skills in using your voice and breath for better impact
  • more confidence when presenting work to clients

About Janet Gordon
Janet is a dynamic presenter and impact trainer with a unique blend of business application, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and theatre. She’s pragmatic, encouraging and very approachable. Janet started life in the theatre as an actor and director before moving into training and change consultancy over ten years ago. She’s worked with the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland, Staffordshire County Council, Crest Nicholson, E.ON, T-Mobile, BUPA and the NHS.


What other participants said:

“I took away a lot of useful tips (voice, physicality, storytelling) that are already making me more mindful and deliberate when speaking to others. It also helped me to see that I’m more confident than I thought I was. And understand that being an introvert doesn’t have to mean living your life in the shadows.”

“For me, the ‘penny drop’ moment was realising I should treat the words I speak in the same way I treat the words I write: not relying on facts alone, but looking for ways to bring the story to life. It seems so obvious in retrospect. But it wasn’t before.”

“Really interactive. Janet was great, very inspirational. She was very attentive to everyone in the room and gave great feedback and understanding.



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