Other writerly training

Arvon – http://www.arvon.org/course/
Week-long residential courses on comedy, songwriting, poetry, radio drama, food writing, fiction and more

Dark Angels – https://www.dark-angels.org.uk/
The first and best (and only?) creative writing for business retreats. Held in Cornwall, Northumberland, Oxford and Spain. Guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing, with a special discount for lucky 26ers.

The Faber Academy – http://www.faberacademy.co.uk/
Firmly focused on writing fiction – courses in London (from 1 day to 6 months) and online (8-28 weeks)

Guardian Masterclass writing courses – http://www.theguardian.com/guardian-masterclasses/writing
Choose from fiction, ghost-writing, getting your book published, borrowing from Shakespeare and more. London.

Moniack Mhor – https://www.moniackmhor.org.uk/
Scotland’s creative writing centre – offers week-long (and long weekend) genre-focused fiction writing courses and writing retreats in the Highlands near Inverness

Professional Writing Academy – https://www.profwritingacademy.com/
Offers online ‘virtual classroom’ courses, mostly on fiction writing, some in partnership with Faber

Wordtree – http://wordtree.com/writing-training/
Copywriting workshop and courses, both for copywriting newbies and seasoned pros needing inspiration

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