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Trade Secrets Training: Stories at Work

Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Road, London, United Kingdom

Our next Trade Secrets session is Stories at Work on 4 May 2017 in London. Join us and find out how to thread stories through every part of your writing life – from that crucial first briefing session through creative and strategic workshops to getting the right words out of your head and onto the screen. Read more...


Trade Secrets Training: Social media for freelance writers and your clients

Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Road, London, United Kingdom

The strategy, analytics and free tools that help you market your business Want to understand how to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to raise your profile and win business as a freelance writer? Want to help your clients with their social media content too? In this workshop, we’ll start with a quick brainstorm to establish where you want your business to go next, and how social media can help you get there. Then we’ll consider the pros and cons of […]

Trade Secrets Training: Mindfulness and Creative Writing

Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Road, London, United Kingdom

Mindfulness is a buzz word we’ve been hearing a lot lately. What does that mean as creative writers? Can we take a mindful approach to what and how we write? Why might this matter? In late January, we hold our Trade Secrets session on Mindfulness and Creative Writing. It’s happening after-hours, so you should be able to slip away from the day-job to a unique evening class that will help get your year off to a positive, life-enhancing start. It’ll […]

Trade Secrets Training: The Bard Sell

Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Road, London, United Kingdom

The bard sell: learn how to use poetic techniques to make your commercial writing creative Poets, eh? What are they good for? Wafting around, telling you rhyme doesn’t matter? Telling you a thing is like another thing? And they’d certainly be the last people you’d go to for tips on, goodness me, selling. Well hold on there. Turns out what poets are really good at is making language new – and it’s that attitude, and some of the tools and […]

26 TRADE SECRETS: Making words visible – the art of typography

Quietroom Quietroom, 40 Bowling Green Lane, Farringdon, London, United Kingdom

Have you ever written something you love only to see it ruined by poor design? And then felt frustrated that you couldn’t quite put into words what was wrong? Our next Trade Secrets workshop, run by illustrious designer Mark Noad, will cover the key aspects of making the written word visible. We’ll be looking at things like the anatomy of typefaces, what makes them readable, why some are better for large amounts of small text and others for small amounts […]


Inside the writer’s notebook: How to make your notebooks and journals more valuable as a creative resource

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. PLEASE EMAIL RICHARD TO BE PUT ON A WAITING LIST. Are you curious about how other writers use their notebooks? Would you like to share ideas and tips for using journals and notebooks as a creative resource? If so, please join us for a friendly workshop and discussion. Be prepared to join the Zoom call with one or two of your existing notebooks for a ‘show and tell’. This event is free but with a […]


26 inclusive writing workshop: hidden disabilities

An interactive workshop to help writers become more intentional and inclusive - focused on hidden disabilities The first in a series of 26 workshops focused on aspects of diversity and inclusion, this session will help writers: • understand what is meant by hidden disabilities and long-term health conditions • think about the language they use when talking about hidden disabilities • explore ideas of victimhood and objectifying • create sensitive and positive copy about hidden disabilities • think about whose […]

£ 10 – £ 20

26 Inclusive writing workshop: focus on gender and trans identity

A practical workshop to help you write more inclusively — with trans people and gender in mind About this event The third in a series of 26 workshops focused on aspects of diversity and inclusion, this session will help you: • explore assumptions about gender and trans people • understand the subtleties of pronouns • recognise and resolve sensitive writing issues • reflect on your gender identity • sit with discomfort, and discover creative possibilities • expand your awareness and […]


26 Trade Secrets: Intellectual Property for Copywriters

“Is it OK if I use this image in my client presentation?” “I’ve heard that ‘webinar’ is a protected term. Can I still use it to advertise an event?” “I use a lot of wordplay in my copywriting but I’m worried about copyright claims.” If these kinds of questions sound familiar, you’ll get a lot from joining “26 Trade Secrets: IP for Copywriters”. In this “Ask the Expert” session, Kimberly Y. Bennett, Founder + Managing Attorney at K Bennett Law […]


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