I remember a day when I returned from school to find Mum sat on the staircase, her arms wrapped tightly around the bottom banister post, sobbing. I think I was eight or nine years old. I sat down next to her, put my arms around her shaking shoulders, and asked why she was crying. And, proving how upset she truly was, she told me. ...more Read More
At Sidekick Books, we’ve just finished a massive six-year four-volume project called Birdbook, in which we commissioned one poem and... Read More
As far as I’m concerned, deserving the title of ‘most-eagerly awaited release of 2021’ will be Laurent Binet’s Civilisations because... Read More
“I am a writer who runs…” Running and writing. Two very different activities. One exhausting, at times frustrating and personally... Read More
What can we say about Innocent Drink’s much-praised writing that hasn’t been said before? Hopefully something or you might as... Read More
Hilary Benn Chair, Committee on Exiting the European Union  5:43 pm, 6th November 2018  I want to speak about two men who... Read More

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