Every month, we'll be profiling a different member of 26. November brings Andy Hayes, the rubber gloves and brains behind our latest project, Throwaway Lines who reveals what people get wrong about him and a private passion for Haribo Tangfastics ...more Read More
Every business should devote a little thought to defining and enhancing its unique way of writing and speaking. But too many opt for the limiting linguistic health and safety regime of Plain English, rather than a more enterprising use of words. Read More
Ah, childhood. Happy days… or were they sad? Loved, or maybe loathed? The 26 Treasures of Childhood project is giving writers an unusual opportunity to explore their own early days, as part of a major exhibition at London’s Museum of Childhood. Neil Baker gives us an update on how it’s going. ...more Read More
Hello, We’re Stranger Collective, a content creation and copywriting agency based in Cornwall. By thinking, writing and creating, we shape... Read More

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