Smoking. Or rather…’not smoking’ is what I’ve decided to write about. There was a lovely Audi Quattro poster and a weirdly watchable beer advert called ‘Quench’. But the creative work from 2009 for the UK client QUIT stood out. ...more
When I think of a D&AD award, I think of sensational design so simple it makes you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. Copywriting so precise it screams the message loud and clear and advertising campaigns forever imprinted on the memory of a generation. So as I scrolled through the pages of the archive under the letter N, there seemed to be just one brand that embodied all those things. ...more
I remember a day when I returned from school to find Mum sat on the staircase, her arms wrapped tightly around the bottom banister post, sobbing. I think I was eight or nine years old. I sat down next to her, put my arms around her shaking shoulders, and asked why she was crying. And, proving how upset she truly was, she told me. ...more

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