Writing resolutions

New year, fresh start, blank pages to fill – where to begin? Our members share their writing resolutions for the coming year – big and small.





Blogging – bigger and better

My writing resolutions for 2017 are to blog more and better – to put myself out there, don’t be shy, write articles with a clear, insightful voice. Get out more and see things with I-phone camera in tow.

Elena Bowes


A sentence a day

So here is my resolution for this year: write at least one sentence a day that is purely for me. Pitiful? Perhaps. Did I do this last year? No. So progress then if I do it.

Martin Lee


Wordstruck 2017

I wrote a blog post about my goals and plans for writing in 2017. The headlines: Help more businesses tell their stories, expand my training and workshops, be a better writer, maintain a healthy outlook, keep my creative jar stoked up. You can read it in full here.

Michelle Nichol


Escaping the desk

1) Get in touch with the mystic. It’s all very well reading a Rumi a day but the time has come to write some, too. Incense and some Sufi swirling should help 🙂

2) Write on location. On a mountain, in a piazza, at the end of the garden anywhere other than the desk.

Samm Short


Endings and beginnings

No resolutions for this boy, but just a simple decision. I will finish the long-term writing project I’ve been working on for years, this year.

As the Dark Angels man in America, I’m working on making our first ever Dark Angels American Foundation Course a smashing success. Get more details and signup here.

Richard Pelletier




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