Vox pop – November 2009

Every year, copywriters go all cheesy at Christmas. Please share some of your stinkiest seasonal lines with us.

Mike Reed, Reed Words

Perhaps my worst Xmas line is from the heady days I worked at an agency called Other, alongside Nick Asbury, also of this parish. Desperate for a Christmas card idea, we came up with the worst pun we could think of. We dropped some selected foodstuffs on the kitchen floor, shot the resulting gloop and printed it on the front of the card. Inside was the line, ‘A Pea/Eggs Mess.’

Nick Asbury

GAP have thoughtfully provided us with some new Christmas catchphrases this year. Their latest Christmas viral includes the soon-to-be-timeless Happy Whateveryouwannakah, Mo’ Mistletoe, Big Ol’ Piece of Peace and, erm, Good luck with that bird you office party hardied. http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2009/november/gap-viral

Roger Horberry

I am appalled to admit I may use the‘cool yule’ couplet at some point.

Jim Davies

A few years ago, I was asked to write seasonal one-liners for all the different genres on sale in Waterstone’s. A couple of my favourites were ‘Peace on Earth (and other planets)’ for science fiction, and ‘Less beard, more bard’, for literature. Which goes to show you don’t have to recycle ‘We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up’ every year.

Fiona Thompson

I particularly dislike ‘Happy Holidays’ because everyone knows that a holiday is in the summer, not in winter. But that’s more of a Christmas card thing than commercial writing…

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