Vox pop – May 2009

There were no digital entries in the 2009 D&AD Awards Writing for Design category. How do you account for this, and can you think of any worthy contenders?

Jim Davies, totalcontent

A piece of print is a finished object. Websites and blogs are constantly being tinkered with and added to, often by the client after the writer has waved goodbye. So the words become compromised and the writer feels less inclined to proudly hold his or her hand up and say ‘I did that’.

Roger Horberry, Alp Associates

I interviewed a great writer called Tim Riley who is head of copy at AMV BDDO. He mentioned the first TV commercial in the UK – a static shot of a tube of toothpaste encased in ice with a voice droning on for 30 seconds in the background. Tim pointed out that it took the finest minds in advertising a decade to work out how best to exploit the new medium, and that perhaps that’s what’s happening with digital right now. Less charitably it might just have been a crap year…

John Simmons

Without doubt www.26fruits.co.uk was website of the year but it came out after the entries closed….

Malcolm Garrett, AIG

There were no proper digital entries at the AOI awards either. Maybe these new media people don’t recognise the old media awards, or don’t know about them?

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