June voxpop

Which defunct brand do you most miss, and why?

I seriously miss Woollies… and suspect many do but are too ashamed to say so.

FW Woolworth, what a brand.

What other brand going forward may ever again attain “the wonder of ” status?

Indeed the whole notion of ‘the wonder of’ seems now purely attributable to reality celebs, professional footballers and viagra. In my day, supplying me with a box of carpet tacks or a ball of garden string was enough!

…and what happened to those long, long rows of dark counters?

They all seem to have been replaced with slim-line, pastel coloured plinths and glass fibre palm trees. No wonder the sales of garden string have plummeted!

I also miss Bus Conductors, Spangles and Rag Tag and Bobtail… but maybe another time! Martin Clarkson

For me it has to be Cresta. Not so much for the retro tipple itself, but for the über-laid back Cresta bear, one of the late-great adman John Webster’s many and marvellous creations. The beatnick bear’s nonchalant delivery is supposedly based on Jack Nicholson’s character in Easy Rider. And he can kick that tissue-soft Charmin bear’s ass any day. Once more with feeling: “It’s fff-frothy man!”. Jim Davies

Probably Chas ‘n Dave. Tragic. Oh, sorry, “brands” you say… Who gives a monkey’s about them? Roger Horberry

The 4 track ReVox reel-to-reel tape recorder. I spent years of my life in fetid studios pouring over the clunky switches and flickering dials, bouncing sound tracks from one battleship grey ReVox to another. The meat & potatoes authenticity of the analogue sound became enmeshed amongst the mechanical innards and during post-coital playback you could hear the smoke, booze and sweat that went into those labours of love. We fine-tuned the art of noise by tweaking mikes and teasing baffles until the chunky ReVox heads captured the magical resonance. In one amphetamine powered all night session we struggled to perfect the thwack of a snare drum until someone stumbled across a stale cheese sandwich down the back of a Marshall amp and taped it to the bottom skin. Digital is perfection but that is also its blind spot. The ReVox was powered by choirs of fallen angels whose flaws were a hymn to being human. Tom Lynham

I miss Woolworths. Who knew? Fiona Thompson

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