Vox pop – July 2010

Can you work with background music? And if so, what’s your pleasure?

Nick Asbury

I can’t, much as I’d like to. Only works if I’m doing something relatively brainless and robotic, such as invoicing or editing a 26 newsletter.

Margaret Oscar

No. There’s normally more than enough noise in my head to fill the office!

Heather Aitchison

When I’m thinking hard I like complete silence. But I do listen to music when I’m writing ‘less creative’ stuff (which seems to be a lot of the time *sigh*). My favourite is the wonderful FIP fm out of Paris – an eclectic mix of lovely music interrupted only by a short summary of the news every hour. Or there’s always Spotify…

Martin Lee

To my considerable surprise, it’s dawned on me that I’ve got to the point where I can barely work without music. In a somewhat OCD fashion, I listen to my iTunes collection in a strict A-Z procession (it used to take nine months, but now it’s more like 11), rather enjoying the odd juxtapositions that it throws up (so the last four I’ve listened to just prior to getting round to this have been Solomon Burke, The Wedding Present, Kathryn Williams and The Young Knives (iTunes voucher for anyone that can work out what letter I must be in). However, often particular songs force themselves up into the foreground, which is no good, so it’s invariably a relief when atmospheric, non-lyrical music is on, such as Aphex Twin, Sigur Ros or early Animal Collective.

Roger Horberry

Not to anything with lyrics or a beat. So rap is right out – all them bitches and hos get in the way of i after e except after c and so on. I’m rather partial to some of Brian Eno’s generative music apps for the iphone – Trope and Bloom being the best. Try them, you’ll like them. Failing that, any of Eno’s noodlings or similarly low level ambient stuff.

Fiona Thompson

Music goes with pictures. Silence goes with words.

Jim Davies, totalcontent

If I really need to concentrate, only total silence will do. If I’m doing something less taxing, like emailing or invoicing, a bit of dub reggae doesn’t go amiss. I recommend Joe Gibbs’ ‘African Dub’ series or anything by Scientist.

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