Vox pop – January 2010

The colour of 2010, according to Pantone, is 15-5519 Turquoise. But what would be your word of the year?

Martin Lee, Acacia Avenue

I don’t know about the word of this year, but it feels like the word of 2009 was ‘storied’. From being a word I don’t think I’d ever heard of, it was everywhere. If back story had entered the language fully in 2008, by last year, people with a colourful past life were always storied. I’m intrigued by this, as any new words based on stories is fine by me. So perhaps we’ll see extensions on this theme, such as ‘unstoried’, or even ‘overstoried’.

Roger Horberry

Bollocks. But then I think that every year.

Jim Davies, totalcontent

I read somewhere that ‘tweet’ was the word of 2009, and ‘Google’ was the word of the decade. So I suspect it will be some common word like ‘whippet’ or ‘truncheon’ appropriated by the latest technology craze.

Nick Asbury

As in any election year, the most over-used word will be ‘change’. Once the election has gone and the true economic picture emerges, it will probably be in the context: “Can your spare any… ?”

Heather Atchison

This year the word iSlate will be on everyone’s lips (and at their fingertips). That’s if the maelstrom of rumours about Apple’s new tablet computer has any grounding. Cue drum roll…

Robert Self-Pierson


In 2010, a billion people will tell a billion other people a billion things.

What will they remember?

The best stories.

Words need stories as much as writers need words.

Tom Lynham


Mike Hadley


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