Vox pop – January 2009

‘In these straitened economic times, what will you be cutting back on?’

Tom Lynham

Crates of Bollinger, the Roller will have to go, I have already sold the yacht and the mooring in Monaco, the private jet was getting a bit past it anyway, as I don’t go to meetings any more, I donated the Gucci Rolex to my bank.

Jim Davies

Adjectives and superlatives. My writing will be leaner, meaner and more in tune with the times.

John Simmons


Fiona Thompson

I’ll be cutting back on scaremongering newspapers that keep telling us the sky is falling in, our houses are worth tuppence and no one in the country will have a job by Friday.

Ben Afia

‘I’m not cutting back on anything. As the big agencies lay people off and lean more on freelancers, this is our opportunity to grab market share. So I’m actually recruiting, and getting out there to win new clients.’

Nick Asbury

Having recently said farewell to London and moved up north, I’m taking advantage of significant savings in the price of a pint. I anticipate the cumulative effect will render any cutbacks unnecessary, although I’ve yet to crunch the numbers. (Too busy crunching my pork scratchings.)

Rishi Dastidar

That seventh course at dinner…

Roger Horberry, Alp Associates

Paying work, mainly. It does so clutter up the day.

Heather Atchison

My expense-trimming plan for 2009 involves fewer luxuries like weekends away and meals out. What it doesn’t include (yet) is cutting out my morning latte or evening glass of wine, which count as necessities in my book.

Martin Lee

I’m planning to cut back on adverbs, immediately. Or rather, with immediate effect.

Helen Jones

I’m giving up horrible Starbucks coffee in nasty thick mugs in favour of Earl Grey tea in thin china cups at home.

Jim Davies, totalcontent

If I’ve really got to concentrate, only silence will do. But if I’m emailing or invoicing, a bit of dub reggae doesn’t go amiss. I recommend Joe Gibbs and the Professionals’ ‘African Dub’ series, or selected cuts by Scientist.

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