Vox pop – April 2008

Even if they were paying top dollar, who wouldn’t you work for?

Heather Atchison

Even if they were paying me handsomely, I wouldn’t work for Kerry Foods. They produce brands like Cheestrings, Wall’s and Porkinson Bangers. I find it hard to stomach their approach to food (sorry) – from what they put in their products to how they’re made. But goodness me, they could use a good writer. Here are a few choice words from their website: “Through its unique understanding of end use applications, aided by state of the art sensory evaluation and Kerry’s systems approach to opportunities, the division derives maximum synergies from its core technologies – creating value for customers by way of new products, product improvements, cost reductions or process development.”

Roger Horberry, Alp Associates

I’m hopelessly promiscuous when it comes to cold, hard cash, but I’m definitely not at home to political parties, religious organisations and the Klu Klux Klan.

Neil Taylor, The Writer

Boris Johnson. That anyone is foolhardy enough to consider entrusting anything bigger than a church fete to the man is enough to make me give up writing and become a professional canvasser. Which I really don’t want to be.

Tom Lynham

I hit ethical problems concerning environmental groups I work with: Should we vilify and excommunicate governments and businesses destroying the environment, or work with them to change attitudes and fund projects? Looking at the question from a slightly different point of view, in developing communications strategies with a human rights group, do we blame and shame the punters who use trafficked women? Or do we try to educate them? The solution to every problem ends up with a conversation around a table, and the earlier you establish consensual dialogue, the better your chances of success.

Tim Rich


Mike Reed, Reed Words

BAE Systems. I did some work for them years ago, when they were British Aerospace. The work was innocent enough in itself, I just couldn’t shake off the fact that, as well as civilian jets, they were also associated with selling weapons and security products to what I consider to be less than wholesome regimes. The recent Al-Yamamah nastiness with the Saudis just makes the whole brand even yukkier for me. There’s not enough tea in China, and so forth.

Jim Davies, totalcontent

The Daily Mail and Bernard Matthews.

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