Twenty-six ways of looking at a Blackberry

From the introduction to John’s new book:

First find an idea
It’s easy to say. It’s the problem facing all of us every day, but ideas are
seldom staring you in the face. You have to work for them, and the only
sure way I know of fi nding them is through writing. I write to fi nd
out what I really think – not in a logical, rational sense but to release
the emotion contained by a powerful thought. Indeed it’s the emotion
that makes it powerful.
We have moved, mostly, from a command-and-control business
model. But many people in work still apply such restrictions to their
own writing. ‘I’d never be allowed to write that,’ is a common phrase
I hear from participants in my writing workshops. It’s often true, of
course. The next person up the hierarchy might have a very staid view
of what can or cannot be written to make “proper” business writing.
This book might not persuade that next person up, but it might give
confi dence and belief to enough people to start something of a corporate
revolution. Revolutions succeed if they have a cause that people identify
with. We have such a cause. The cause is two-fold. First, businesses need
a way to connect more powerfully with audiences, networks and media.
Greater lightness and fl exibility is needed, and language is central to this.
Second, individuals also need to fi nd ways to relate more emotionally to
the organisations they work for: no one willingly works for a company
they don’t like or get any enjoyment from. Again language is a large
part of the answer.
The contention of this book is that the way for businesses and
individuals to break through, to inspire greater loyalty and love, is by
giving greater value and attention to language. The way to achieve that
breakthrough is, counter-intuitively, by liberation through constraints.
It’s almost a secret of creativity that it can be released most readily and
inspiringly by being hemmed in.

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