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Rabbit food
Burrowing into the heart of food:
In the beginning, my blog came up trumps in porn-related searches but now she has taken on a life all of her own. From restaurant reviews to Cornish recipes, food fads to food producers, the bunny aims to tackle food issues full on. Rachel Wilson Couch

POETRY BEYOND TEXT at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh: a public exhibition from 12 November to 18 December. This encounter between visual artists and poets features newly-commissioned work. Poet Valerie Gillies and artist Helen Douglas collaborate on poempondscroll, a horizontal scroll over five metres long, which evokes light and reflections on water. Valerie Gillies

Not Any Old Nativity
I’m writing and will be directing an alternative nativity play this Christmas called ‘Not Any Old Nativity’ to take place in my village hall in the Scottish Borders. (Anyone who makes it from further away than 50 miles will get a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine.) It’s not for children. Not that it’s rude. It’s just not going to duck the murder of the innocents (feast day 28th December), which is an horrific part of the story, usually glossed over. It will be leavened by gags and magic though for, after all, the story is about light coming into the world. Stuart Delves

The Parabola Project
Following the success of its award-winning first issue, not for profit writing group Telltales returns to print with the second issue of its creative writing anthology The Parabola Project. From first time writers to established wordsmiths, Parabola marries 19 captivating short stories, poems and novel extracts with stunning imagery in a beautiful book that you won’t want to put down. Available from all profits go back into showcasing, motivating and inspiring the creative writing scene. Clare Howdle

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