Three ways to… work a four-day week

number-3Andy Hayes, client services director at Quietroom works a four-day week, giving him time to do the washing up and create projects like 26 Miles, Throwaway Lines at 26.

Work for a company that values your experience as much as your time. I feel lucky I stumbled upon Quietroom, after 20 years working in the creative industry. We have a core team, working hard five days a week, and slackers like me.

Make sure you set your out-of-office responder. Nominate a person you can trust to deal with anything that can’t wait until you’re back. Don’t be tempted to check emails, but do make sure everything is sorted, or delegated, before you head out the door.

Make the most of your away day, it’s costing you 20% of your salary. As my role at Quietroom is commercial, I use my time off to dream up and work on self-initiated creative projects. I also get to see more of my kids and do the washing up.

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