The Bard & Co launch at The Globe

Can this cockpit hold
The vasty fields of France? Or may we cram
Within this wooden O the very casques
That did affright the air at Agincourt?

Well, no. But we did hold a rather splendid gathering in the bowels of Shakespeare’s Globe to celebrate the publication of ‘The Bard & Co: Shakespeare’s Role In Modern Business’ on 10 May. For the latest 26 book, each writer had been paired with a Shakespeare play and one of his company’s original twenty-six ‘Principall Actors’.

Appropriately, we stood like groundlings as Dominic Dromgoole, the Globe’s Artistic Director, introduced the evening’s performers. First up was Mark Griffiths warning against the ‘little Iago voices’ in our heads and the dangers of bedding our business contacts.

I suddenly panicked that my mobile phone had gone off. False alarm – it was just the sackbut players upstairs. But even their honking failed to unnerve the theatricalLin Sagovsky, as she recalled a performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost complete with real rabbits.

The highlight of the evening was Stuart Delves as William Shakespeare, preparing for a politically-charged performance of Macbeth in front of the King. A hush of appreciation greeted the audacity and poetry of his piece.

To recreate this enjoyable launch event in the comfort of your own home, pour yourself a glass of wine immediately and listen to ye olde podcasts. Or better still, buy the book from Amazon.

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