Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

On Saturday 26 May, 26-ers George Craigie and Jamie Jauncey helped entertain passers-by in Aberdeen with an illustrated talk on the theme ‘Is a picture really worth 1000 words’?

Part of the Six Cities Design Festival, the talk took place in The Monkey Puzzle Pavilion, a temporary structure made of plywood at the end of Aberdeen’s Union St. The panel also included Derek Stewart of Aberdeen brand consultancy The Big Picture and Professor Stuart Macdonald, head of school at Gray’s School of Art.

A cloudburst drove an audience of about 20 to take shelter in the pavilion, where they were treated to slides and stories about the power of words and images working together. The audience included a mother and toddler, two design students, a courting couple and three shopping grannies, one of whom received free design advice from George about her new business. Once again, 26 reaches the parts etc…

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