Christmas Party 2006

Our intrepid reporter Rishi Dastidar does his best to remember what happened at the 26 Christmas Party 2006.

Take one less than cold December night, add one gloriously old school pub in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia (complete with dangerously comfortable sofas), drizzle in some Christmas stickers, throw in some exquisite calligraphy on name labels, add free drinks to taste, simmer over a fiendishly tricky quiz on a medium heat, then stand back while licking the spoon seductively. A simple recipe for a fab Christmas party.

A basket of Lush goodies was awarded to the ‘team by the bar’ for deciphering the five convoluted pictograms, and uncovering the writers within the quickest; much news of Shakespeare and Common Ground was swapped; and much heartiness and merriness was had by all.

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