Potential Animation Project

Do you fancy yourself as the next Matt Groening or Nick Park? Even if your drawing’s rubbish and your plasticine models look more like Wensleydale cheese than Wensleydale cheese-eaters, you can probably wield a scriptwriter’s pencil better than most.

If so, you may be interested in a potential 26 collaboration with students at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design.

The collaboration would be similar to the one we did for the children’s books. In this case we’d be working with animation students to write scripts for short (30 seconds max) animations. You team up with a student and create whatever comes into your heads – a cartoon, a gritty documentary, a horror story, or an ad for your pet political cause.

It’s early days yet, which is why this is just a fishing trip. If enough people say they’re interested, we can pursue it further. Having said that, there is potentially a real project here. My friend and neighbour, Mario Minichiello, is Chair of Visual Communication at BIAD, and he’s keen to make it happen if there are enough enthusiasts on both sides.

If you like the idea, email me and I’ll start the ball rolling.

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