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I’m up in London on a rare visit from Cornwall to deliver – Such is the Price of Empire: How Zoos and Botanic Gardens Survived The War, a free IHR / University of London public seminar on March 27 2014, 6pm (topical for with lots of interesting photos and human stories from London Zoo, Kew Gardens & worldwide from our World War Zoo Gardens project.

Might even make it to the Betsy Trotwood if I’m not too tired after a day in London Zoo’s archives.

Mark Norris


My Heavy heart 370

Unconscious, thin air; demands
Murderous intent
Transponder off by piloted hands
Swing south then west?
Andaman allegedly flied
Engines ping; phones ring
“Nothing known”; they lied
Diego Garcia off we go
‘Assets’ to unload unseen.
See; I arrange death.
Re-fly by wire; ocean deeps
Fake crash; no box; black breath…

With my heavy hearted sympathy to family, friends and loved ones for the loss of so many lives on board the hijacked Malaysian flight MH370

Apologies to William Butler Yeats for using his poem ‘Death’ in this requiem.

Duncan Mackay

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