Wordstock 2012 on film

Elise Valmorbida, co-organiser of Wordstock 2012, has some exciting news. The Wordstock video is being edited right now. And it’s going to play a big part in making this year’s Wordstock even better than the last.

Wordstock was a day of brilliant speakers and workshops, with plenty of food and talk in between. To make it all happen, we organisers planned like mad for the actual day: making sure people, tea and technology would be in the right place at the right time. But what about after? Who had time to think about after?!

When a day of ‘live’ events is over, it is… over. But this is the 10th anniversary year for 26, and it’s just possible that Wordstock 2013 might be bigger, bolder. For bigness and boldness, we need funding. How could we entice potential partners? And wouldn’t it be nice to show prospective delegates a glimpse of what their ticket is worth? To be is to be seen, a philosopher once said, albeit in Latin.

Step in Kieran Conlon of RealtaFilms. Here you have a seriously talented one-man-band with years of film-making experience. And awards. Armed with a portable broadcast-standard digital camera and audio, he captured our day of exploration and inspiration. Then he shaped this raw material into a short structured documentary, and an even shorter trailer. We’re still in the last stages of editing now, so watch this space. 26 Wordstock 2012 – the video – is coming soon!

Until then, re-live that great day in October 2012 by reading our Words on Wordstock.

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