26 were the big winners at the 2019 Drum Design Awards. We’re absolutely thrilled that the 26 Armistice centenary project, with our partners the Imperial War Museum, won the top award in the Writing for Design category.

We couldn’t be prouder that the Armistice 100 Days book won first prize in the writing category, beating work from many other companies and organisations. The book, designed by David Carroll, brings together all the centenas created by 100 of our writers to commemorate people who were alive during the First World War. The centena is a new form, using exactly 100 words, specially created by 26 for the Armistice centenary.

Our writers remembered those 100 people from all different backgrounds, cultures and parts of the world. We were honoured to pay our respects with their stories, and now that work has been awarded for its creativity. Well done, all our writers from 26.

As well as scooping the Drum Design Award, the project was also nominated for the 2019 D&AD Awards. The awards are known for their high standards and stiff competition, making our nomination another feather in the hat for this ground-breaking project.

“It’s a wonderful recognition of the project’s creativity and ambition. Bringing together 100 writers was an achievement in itself but for the quality of the work to be so significantly recognised is even better. It will make all members of 26 proud because it shows that good writing really stands out.”

John Simmons, co-founder of 26

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