What is a tree when it’s no longer a tree?

Our 52 writers in the 26 Trees project have been answering the question ‘What is a tree when it’s no longer a tree?’ One answer is it becomes a book (from trees grown in a sustainable forest, of course).

So soon we will have a beautiful paperback book that collects the 52 sestudes from both the Core and Explore groups of 26 Trees. In partnership with Woodland Trust the 60-page book – titled The Understory – is now printing and will be published soon. It has been designed by our award-winning designer David Carroll with exquisite artwork by artist Jenni Wallace.

We will have limited stocks of the first edition so we are offering our members an opportunity to buy the book first. It will make the most elegant souvenir of a wonderful project and a fantastic Christmas present for friends and family.

You can get a copy of the book on our website bookshop here: https://www.26.org.uk/shop/book/the-understory

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