What inspires you?

Your chance to take part in this year’s Bloomsbury Festival

26 is going to be involved in the Bloomsbury Festival again this year. The festival theme is Breathe. 

We’re going to focus on what inspires us as the dictionary definition is ‘from in + spirare “to breathe”. ‘Inspirare in its Latin original meaning = ‘blow into, breathe upon’. So “inspiration” is closely related to breath – and perhaps the simplest definition of the creative process is ‘inspiration leading to expression’.

We want you to write about things that inspire you. These could be verbal, visual, musical, cultural, or sensory in any way (food, smell, taste, sound). Each writer needs to pair up with a photographer, illustrator, designer, artist or printmaker. The approach will be highly collaborative. We know from past projects that some visual artists prefer to get involved from the off, developing the initial ideas with their writers. Others prefer to respond to something more formed in writing. You can work in either way and we expect each pairing to strike up a partnership that suits you both. You can also submit your own visual work.

Take-up of places will be high, so we’ll give priority to writers who have access to a visual partner. But don’t worry, we do have a Plan B if that’s not possible. You can also guarantee a slot if you can be an editor too.

Your work will feature in an exhibition in Bloomsbury which runs for two weeks from 14-23 October. It will also appear on the festival website – here’s what we did last year.

We’ll also be running Writers in Residence (WiR) again this year, plus one, possibly two more projects linked to this year’s festival. Watch this space.

If you’re keen to get involved, please email Andy Hayes. Just write Breathe in the subject line. Tell us which project you’d like to be involved with: Inspire, WiR or both, also if you’d like to be an editor. And last but not least, if you can source your own visual pal or can submit your visual own work.

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