Save the date for Mini-Wordstock 

Mini-Wordstock is arriving on Saturday 21 October 2023. An exceptional range of speakers (all from within our own ranks) will descend on Conway Hall in London, along with some of the writers and collaborators from the 26 Plants project and representatives from the “New Bloomsbury Set,” a training programme put together by the Bloomsbury Festival to give opportunities to young writers and celebrate the area’s creative history.

This is a celebration of writing, of 26, and of the Bloomsbury Festival theme of “Grow” – both in terms of the natural world and of ourselves. It is a recognition, across one afternoon, of the power of words and how their meanings can change and grow with us all through our lives. And it will only cost £12.

More details will come soon (along with the Festival programme), but for now SAVE THE DATE, and enjoy the sun (I’m sure it’s on its way!).

– Max Parfitt

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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