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We need your support for our latest project, 26 Places in Cornwall / 26 Tylerow yn Kernow. Pledge today and take your pick of some brilliant rewards.

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26 writers have visited places across Cornwall (we even found an ‘X’ and sent someone peering over a cliff!) and their work is in the editorial phase. What we’ve had sight of is wonderful – a real celebration of language (place name) and geography.

We have a team of photographers who will then be taking the words of our writers and marrying it with an image of their making. The project is really coming together. So, we are now asking for your help to fund the book and exhibition.

We’ve created a crowdfunding campaign, with the book at the heart of each reward. These won’t be available until March, but there are some cracking offers to go with them (fancy a spot on an exclusive writing workshop, or a bespoke mentoring session?). These can be separated for early availability, for example, as a Christmas present for you or someone else. You can always email Julia to check.

Please take a look at our campaign, and share it with your family and friends.

– Julia Webb-Harvey


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