Now available as Kindle editions

– Sue Evans

Sue Evans has been busy behind the scenes with 26’s first foray into eBook publishing.

Two 26 books, ‘The story’s not over’ (26 Wild) and ‘The Understory’ (26 Trees), are now available as eBooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Each book is priced at £3.99 and you can purchase copies via the links embedded above.

The books can be bought together for £7.98 and are part of a series that we’ve called ‘Saving Nature’. For each book sold 26 receives £2.79, a royalty payment of 70 per cent.

We intend to use the proceeds to put towards design fees for future eBooks and print-on-demand paperbacks to showcase more writing by 26 members. Designer David Carroll very kindly worked for free on the earlier paperback editions (still available via the 26 online bookshop), and then adapting the page layouts for eBook format on Amazon.

As we publish more books, we can’t always expect designers to work for free. Instead, we’re hoping to amass a kitty from which we can pay them something, however notional. This is 26’s first foray into self-publishing on Amazon and it would be wonderful if you could support us by adding the eBooks to your collection of 26 publications. You would be helping to lay the foundation for future books.

And if you do buy a Kindle edition, please don’t forget to write a review. At £3.99, the eBooks are great value!

– Sue Evans

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