News from 26

footy-stripHere is a pic of my footy team’s strip the week I had to wash them. As if in an episode of Countdown, can one 26-er use all the footy shirt numbers in a sum to make 26? Prize = some old edition of mathematical Oulipo…or wash next week’s kit.

Peter Kirby


Another engagement

A few words of apology to my fellow 26ers because I have been absent from meetings the last few months on account of flinging myself into breaking the Union up here in Scotland. We haven’t succeeded – it’s taken months of solid campaigning though now, in defeat, we’re hoping at least we might prompt some much-needed political change UK-wide. I’m looking forward to getting back to matters, 26 very soon. Thanks to everyone who has been understanding about my lack of engagement in our projects because I’ve been engaged elsewhere. Best Sara

Sara Sheridan


Your chance to win a free place on a Dark Angels course!

Dark Angels are offering a scholarship for the Full Foundation course at the wonderful Moniack Mhor writer’s centre in Inverness-shire, 10-15 November – tutored by Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey.

The scholarship – an entirely free place on the course, all you pay is your travel – is open to all 26 members under the age of 30. To apply, simply email with a sentence explaining why you would like to come on the course. The closing date is Friday 9th October.

Dark Angels are now in the10th year of their residential Creative Writing in Business programme. Many 26-ers have been on the courses, which encourage people to use words more engagingly and imaginatively in their writing at work.

Alya Al-Khatib was one of the first 26-ers to win a Dark Angels scholarship. She said: “I had the opportunity to reconnect with writing for people rather than a ‘target market’… in a week of creative writing, readings and support. No distractions, just our group, our memories, and our relationships. That was our source material.”

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