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Queen of the web for a day

26 has made it. As we hurtle into the early weeks of our 11th year, our website has zoomed up to join the likes of Distance to Mars, Ikea Instructions and The Women’s Room as a laureate of Website of the day.

If you go looking for Pocket-lint’s common-sense reviews and stories on hardware, apps and the like, this daily column allows you to peer over writer Ian Hughes’s shoulder at a website that has taken his fancy.

Ian captures 26’s spirit with a commendable avoidance of hyperbole, though I wonder whether his concluding advice on 26, ‘You might find this site of interest’, is taking understatement a fraction too far.

David Mathews


Developing a storygraph/sestude project for Instagram. Looking for 12 photographers who write. Early title: 12 x 12 x 62.

Richard Pelletier

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