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connectMy first business book, Only Connect: The Art of Corporate Storytelling is published this month. In true 26 tradition (and in the spirit of The Bard & Co) it brings the two worlds of my own story – Penguin Classics editor turned brand consultant – together.

Robert Mighall

The Power of Stories

stories“I believe stories can help a company move from timidity to confidence – if the will is there at the top. Stories can help to define issues, set out actions and describe an alternative outcome. And, in my experience, meaningful stories stick with people longer than statements and claims.” This is an excerpt from my recent piece on stories and why they matter.

Tim Rich


2013-10-26-Elise,-Theresa,-Donato,-TessAfter launching The Book of Happy Endings (Serbian edition) at the Belgrade Book Fair…

It’s taken me a long time to get here, even longer than it took me to admit to being a writer. But at last I have a page on Facebook. It’s an official author page, rather than a personal account, so I can’t click to activate friendships, likes or loves. But I do invite you to ‘like’ the page if you have a spare charitable moment. I promise not to get globally personal.

Elise Valmorbida


My big thing this month is I’ve redesigned my website to be a sort of blog/tumblr thing focussing on pictures of words. I post twice a week. It’s right up 26’s street – take a look.

Roger Horberry


Great news on our side. After 6 years in Brooklyn, New York, we have come back to the UK and are now running a transatlantic brand business, with a strong emphasis on writing. We’re looking for new friends and opportunities, so please feel free to look us up and hook us up.

Mike Benson


I made a pitch for a film – Queen Dido’s Lament – with good response. It exists in novel form, but what it needs now is a film script. Are there any 26ers who would like to have a stab at this? I have no idea how to proceed and it might take a small group of writers who can throw ideas around and develop the script. Just a thought. Email if you’d like to get involved.


NB: This is a picture with ‘26’ which I thought you could use in the newsletter but I wasn’t sure where to put it:


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