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Honeymooning in the Far East, collaborating in the US and Dubai. 26ers tell you what’s keeping them busy this month.


If you know anyone who’s pants at presenting, running meetings, negotiating, or networking, here’s an ebook to tweet about, review, and feel smug about (you couldn’t be this bad). Available from Amazon and other major ebook stores for about the price of a metre of knicker elastic.

Lin Sagovsky

Computer game poems take flight

We’re sending two more Sidekick books to print: an anthology of work from Wayne Holloway-Smith’s infamous literary salons and a sinister ode to Angela Lansbury. This weekend we were asked to run a video game poetry workshop at Nine Worlds. Finally, our bird feeder has garnered a goldfinch.

Kirsten Irving


Honeymoon in the Far East

A year after getting married, I’m finally going on my honeymoon with my husband Greg! We’ll be going to two islands, one off the coast of Borneo and the other my hometown in Peninsula Malaysia, and staying at two lovely hotels. If you are ever in this part of the world, look up these two places. I come from a city which has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site – Georgetown in Penang. In the heart of the old city is a jewel of an 18-room inn called Seven Terraces which used to be the homes of Chinese immigrants who left mainland China to seek their fortune in the far reaches of the British empire.

The island off Borneo’s coast is called Gaya Island and is part of a larger marine preservation park. It offers some of the best diving sites in the world. I’m proud to say that my brother Jeff managed the eco-responsible resort on the island and initiated several conservation projects for the indigenous marine life there.

June Sau Leng Mong


26 in Dubai and the US

Through a connection with another 26 member, I’m working on a project out of Abu Dhabi. Also, I’ve begun writing in the Compliance / Ethics space here in the US.

Richard Pelletier


How Scotland nurtures its writing talent

I wrote this article for the Huffington Post which is about how Scotland nurtures its writers differently from England.

Sara Sheridan

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