New Year, New Projects

At 26, we love a good project. A chance to flex those creative muscles. But what have we got in store so far for 2019? Here’s a quick taster of what’s to come.

26 Flash Projects

This year we’re going to try something new – a series of fast-turnaround projects that involve lots of 26 members (possibly everyone) over 12 or more months.

The idea is to create monthly quick-fire projects that take place over a two-week timescale, from brief to publishing online or on social media. We’ll have a core team leading the project, including Ed Prichard and Becca Magnus, but there’s scope for loads of involvement from other members in writing and editing roles.

Interested? We’re hoping to kick things off in the next month or so – stay tuned.

26 Prints – in reverse

Back in 2017, we were lucky enough to collaborate with Eames Fine Art for 26 Prints. The premise was simple and brilliant – 26 writers were each randomly assigned a print (courtesy of Eames) which we used as inspiration for a sestude. Each writer even had the privilege of taking their print pairing home for a few weeks (which, for me, meant a surreal journey home on the Jubilee line with a Rembrandt etching). It all culminated in an exhibition of the paired prints and sestudes.

Now, Eames have approached us with another project idea – 26 Prints, but in reverse. This time, 26 writers will create a piece of writing for 26 artists to respond to. More will be revealed soon by project leader Martin Lee.

Fine Cell Work

We’ve been in conversation with Fine Cell Work – a charity which makes beautiful handmade products in British prisons, and gives prisoners new skills, confidence and hope to help them lead independent, crime-free lives. It’s still early days, so watch this space.

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