New training terrain?

dick-mullender.jpgIt’s been fun this year organising two different training days on Listening and Persuasion led by Dick Mullender. The courses have been intense, sold out and very well received. (You couldn’t get better testimonials.) We’re aiming to offer a ‘stage 2’ hardcore hostage version open to anyone who has done the first day.

This training has been inspiring. And the feedback has been inspiring. What other courses can we offer 26ers?

One 26er has suggested this as an idea to address: “I’m self-employed and end up working for free because I don’t feel good enough to charge people. Often I spend time on a piece of work to find it’s not what people want but they didn’t know that it wasn’t what they wanted until they saw it.” —How many of us have felt this way? I can see a good workshop to be had here. Can you?

Another 26er suggested this: “I wonder if we could run a day or half a day about being a freelancer – how to make it work. What to charge, how to find business, how to work out your books, where to get inspiration from. It would be a chance for 26 freelancers to meet and share problems and ideas, because it can be isolating working alone.”

So, 26ers, I ask you:

  • What sort of training would you like to be offered by 26? Your suggestions can be as literal, or as lateral, as you like.
  • Are you willing and able to share your professional wisdom through training? If so, let us know.
  • Perhaps you have a nice space we could borrow as a training venue? We’re not out to make money (although some would be nice) so we’d do our best to keep costs low.

Please email your thoughts about any of these questions to our training coordinator We will all put our heads together at the next board meeting. Then we will let you know what we can offer. Let’s make the most of 26 to keep on learning and teaching.

Elise Valmorbida

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