News from 26

From speaking on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour to stabbing dictionaries, 26ers are keeping busy, and look out for some courses to inspire

Dark Angels Scholarship

Your chance to win a free place on a Dark Angels course!

Dark Angels are offering a scholarship for the Intensive Foundation course at the lovely Highgreen Manor, Northumbria, 15-18 May – tutored by John Simmons and Jamie Jauncey.

The scholarship – an entirely free place on the course, all you pay is your travel – is open to all 26 members under the age of 30. To apply, simply email with a sentence explaining why you would like to come on the course. The closing date is Friday 3rd May.

Alya Al-Khatib was one of the first 26-ers to win a Dark Angels scholarship, last year. She said: “I had the opportunity to reconnect with writing for people rather than a ‘target market’. Jamie Jauncey and Stuart Delves led us in a week of creative writing, readings and support at the wonderful Moniack Mhor writers’ retreat. No distractions, just our group, our memories, and our relationships. That was our source material.”

On the radio

Catch 26 board member and novelist Sara Sheridan on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. And as a new blogger on the Huffington post on the history of being a lady and what Thatcher means to her.



26 Words project

The other week, a group of 26ers gathered with their lettering artist counterparts in the depths of the Betsey Trotwood. After lots of random dictionary stabbing, 26 weird and wonderful words, and a few bemused faces later, the 26 Words project was born.

26’s first project way back when was 26 Letters. 26 writers teamed up with 26 typographers to create works for an exhibition at the British Library. To celebrate 26’s tenth anniversary, we’re returning to that project. This time 26ers have teamed up with the Letter Exchange, an organisation of typographers, calligraphers and professionals in the lettering arts. Each pair was assigned a letter and randomly chose their word. Mine’s lino. If you’re wondering.

So the project’s underway. I’m looking forward to seeing where the creative process takes me and how the other pairs will go about representing undulate, scythic and yankton. (Read John Simmons’ piece on 26 Letters here.)

Laura Hunter


poetic-slideshowPoetic slideshow

I’ve just brought ViewMaster – a poetic slideshow for one – to The Basement in Brighton and The Ausform Festival in Bristol. It’s a new piece involving 3D slides, poetry and music from Dan Gorman. In five minutes we go down the Nile, visit the Seven Wonders of the World, or experience Tulip Time in Holland. People seemed to like it. You can see the ViewMaster in action here.

Ryan van Winkle


napowrimoA poem a day

We’ve been doing NaPoWriMo – it’s a great palate cleanser for poetry. Having to write a poem a day clears the head; it doesn’t have to be any good at this stage, and you end up with really interesting, weird stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have written.

Kirsten Irving


Towards publication workshop – Sunday 2 June

For poets thinking about collating their work into a pamphlet or full collection, ready to send to publishers and competitions. Here’s a Norwich workshop full of practical tips, techniques, and handouts run by 26er and published poet Heidi Williamson. Cost: £40. Email for more information and to reserve your place.

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