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We’re looking for a team of 26ers to help shape our next project. The (loose) topic? Neurodiversity. Or perhaps more specifically autism. Whether you’re an old hand or a complete newbie to 26, we’d love to get your thoughts on the direction this project could take. And we want to find a team of people to help make it happen.

What’s the (rough) idea? 

We were intrigued by the links to autism among those entering 26’s Emerging Writer awards. In particular, Jess Murphy was awarded, and her document on having better conversations with people on the autistic spectrum really impressed us. Take a look, here

Is there a connection between neurodiversity and creativity? We started thinking about people we all know – friends, colleagues, family. And we thought we could raise understanding of neurodiversity by telling the stories of some of these individuals. The project could explore ideas such as: when our brains work differently, does this unlock new creative avenues? It could explore neurodiversity in all its forms, or it could be more focused on the autism spectrum, ADHD or dyslexia. It would raise awareness. It would do so in the way 26 knows best, by sharing stories. 

Also, because the theme of this year’s Bloomsbury Festival is “Human.Kind” there seemed to be a natural fit. We could propose an event or activity with the festival to highlight our project in line with the theme.

All of this is up for grabs. But we know that, with your help, it will be brilliant. 

We’re particularly interested in hearing from 26ers with direct experience of neurodiversity, or close experience through a family member or friend.

Why are we asking?

Our much loved crowd-writing projects can only happen thanks to 26ers volunteering their time and talents in roles such as shaping the project idea, planning and organising, lending a hand as editors, posting on social media, and all sorts of other bits and bobs depending on the project. 

So, whether you’re ready to throw your hat in the ring or just want to find out a bit more about what’s involved, don’t be shy, and get in touch by emailing me (

– Sophie Gordon and John Simmons

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

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