It’s because…

IMG_0462Why do words matter? Why be inspired to a greater love of words in business and in life? The 26 answers we’ve all been waiting for are here in a beautiful Book of Because.

The story goes (and it’s true) that at the 26 Board meeting in July, we discussed whether we wanted to change the statement of 26’s purpose in any way. You’ll know, because we’re sure it’s so close to your hearts, that we had expressed the purpose as “to inspire a greater love of words in business and in life”.

Yes, but why? “Why? Because…” It seemed to us that every writer would express the answer in different ways so we invited members to submit their follow-on statements after ‘Because…’ From the many answers received, Board members Neil Baker, Faye Sharpe and John Simmons had the difficult job of whittling down to (inevitably) just 26 responses that would appear in a little Book of Because. Collected together we felt that these were inspiring words and they would enable some great conversations between our members and their clients and potential clients. We saw this very much as a practical aid to help members get more business by convincing clients of the power of words.

Practical. But we also wanted it to be beautiful, because we thought the words were that good. They inspired us and would inspire others. So John asked his friend Rodney Mylius (“one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with”, creative director at Marks & Spencer) if he would design the booklet. Rodney said yes and also suggested we should get it hand-printed using hot metal type from a small printer in Rye.

That sounded perfect. And that’s how it turned out. We now have a 32-page booklet that is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. Rodney has created typographical expressions of the different statements that are playful, intriguing and will make you smile with delight. We are going to make the book available first to the 26 writers who contributed – thanks especially to all of them – and then to the whole membership of 26. Watch out for the email that will come round in the next week letting you know how to buy copies (it will be £10 for five copies, and then multiples of that). Think how many you might need – how many clients do you have, how many do you want?

It’s going to be an indispensable part of any writer’s toolkit.

John Simmons



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