Here to Listen

listenHere To Listen tours Westminster Libraries in December

Here To Listen is an interactive poetry installation by poet Toni Stuart touring Westminster libraries in December. People are invited to share a story, a question, something that has moved or puzzled them and have these captured and responded to, with a poem written in the moment.

Poems are places of deep listening – both for the writer and the reader. In this interactive poetry installation, Toni aims to give people the chance to experience that uninterrupted, deep listening in a tangible way. The installation draws on her auto-ethnographic study, “Stepping into Silence”, in which she stopped speaking for 12 days, to explore how not speaking would impact her writing practice. Building on this, and inspired by Marina Abramovic’s work The Artist is Present, for Here to Listen, she will once again stop speaking, this time with the aim of creating spaces in which people are able to share without interruption or judgment.

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