Five reasons to enter 26’s Emerging Writer award

The deadline for this year’s award is fast approaching, but there’s still time to enter. If you still need a little persuasion, look no further. Sophie Gordon reports.

I’ll admit it – I’m not entirely at ease when it comes to blowing my own trumpet. But I’ve come to realise it’s something you’ve just got to embrace from time to time. It’s never as uncomfortable as you think it might be. In fact, it can be quite rewarding.

I bit the bullet last year, entered the first 26 Emerging Writer award, and was rewarded with a commendation and a beautiful certificate. Now, in true High Fidelity style, here are my top five reasons why any other emerging writer should give it a go.


1) It’s free

Unlike the vast majority of awards out there, it won’t cost you a penny to enter. This award came from a genuine desire to recognise emerging talent, not to make money. Plus, Quietroom are kindly supporting the award this year.


2) It’s easy

All you need to do is explain why you’re nominating yourself in 260 words or less, and share some examples of your work. You’ve already done the work – now you just need to share it with the judging panel.


3) Recognition for your writing

Chances are you didn’t decide to become a writer because you wanted to win prizes. But having your work recognised can give you a boost at just the right time. Being commended last year, by a panel of judges who I know and respect, was a very proud moment for me – especially considering the extremely high standard of fellow writers who were nominated. Also, when I was making a case for promotion at work a few months later, I’m sure the commendation didn’t do me any harm!


4) It’s good to look back over your achievements

Putting together my submission initially felt quite daunting. Which projects to choose? How much background detail to share? But the projects I was most proud of quickly came to mind, and it actually felt great to look back over them. In the rush of the day to day, we don’t often take a step back to look at what we’ve achieved and give ourselves a little pat on the back. This is a chance to do just that.


5) A bespoke prize

The winner will receive a specially made trophy and letterpress certificate – a thing of beauty to be treasured. Phil Cleaver’s designs are unique and striking, and you could be taking it home with you!


And if you’re not an emerging writer…

Perhaps you know someone who is. You could give them a nudge to enter, or nominate them yourself. It could mean so much to them at this stage of their career.

The deadline for entries is Monday 11th September, and the winner will be announced at the Wordstock Deconstructed Rob Williams event on 21 September.

Please send all entries to


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