Exciting update from 26 Places in Cornwall Project HQ

Julia Webb-Harvey brings us up to speed on 26’s multi-faceted celebration of Cornwall, and gives us a sense of what to look forward to over the coming months.

The exhibition that was…

What a success! The Poly were really pleased with the footfall and the feedback – they even sold 35 books during the five days that it ran. We put a comments book in the gallery, and here are just a few of the responses…

“Terrific exhibition. The ancient mysteries of Cornwall seen through modern eyes. Now there are more places to visit.”

“Wonderful exhibition and nice shows too.” (Rafal, aged 6 – presumably as in ‘show and tell’??)

“Very lovely and thoughtful exhibition. Inspiring to see fellow students, lecturers present their work in this way!”

What’s next? 26 Places in Cornwall / 26 Tyler yn Kernow is touring!

Kresen Kernow

5-29 April 2023 in their pop-up exhibition space.

It will be a little different in format – we will include Kensa Broadhurst’s piece in full, and Tamsin Mallet of Kresen Kernow will supplement it with some archival records in a display cabinet. I shall go up to the archives the day before to install it and publicity will start next week.

The Museum of Cornish Life

July (probably 3-22 July) in their exhibition gallery.

This is in the early stages of planning (and publicity won’t start for a while!), but I think it will be part of a wider exploration of “Unexpected CornwalI”.  I volunteer at the museum, so I’m hoping to integrate some of the objects from their own collection.

Penryn Campus Library Gallery

We’re in the early stages of this, looking at dates, but Laura Ley (Head of Library Services) came to the viewing on Saturday evening. She is keen to showcase our collaboration – between 26, the University and local artists.

We’re tentatively looking at an installation date towards the end of August (ready for the start of the autumn term).

Finally: the book

The book is available at Falmouth Bookseller, and is also online (via the 26 website). Most of the crowdfunded copies have gone out – a handful are left and these will be mailed as soon as our stock is topped up.

So, a huge well done to all of our contributors. You have all made this possible, and we are so excited that this project still has legs!

– Julia Webb-Harvey

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