Could you mentor a young or emerging writer?

– Sana Iqbal

Last month we did a call out for interest in a writing mentorship programme, looking for both mentors and mentees. As someone who’s been a mentor and mentee, I can tell you it’s a rewarding experience. As a mentor, you can put your knowledge to purpose by enabling new talent to grow in confidence and succeed. As a mentee, you’re supported and have someone wise to discuss all manners of challenges making you believe in yourself. Our recommendation is to have two, one-hour virtual sessions a month, but both parties can discuss at their first meeting what would work best and it can alter as time goes by. 

We currently have one mentee looking for a mentor with writing experience in theatre and performance. Please contact Sana Iqbal  if you can support them.

And, if you’d like to join the programme, please get in touch too. For prospective mentors, please briefly describe who you are and your experience, and for those looking for a mentor, let us know what type of support you are looking for. This will help us to pair you up as best as possible.

Thank you!

Sana Iqbal

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