carelessFollowing the tragic suicide of 21 year old dancer, Evie Douglas and my son Jamie’s own struggle with anxiety we decided (Jamie, my daughter Caitlin and I) to make a film about mental health and young people. At the heart of the film will be Evie’s story but it will also look more broadly at the complex social and psychological issues involved. The plan is to take the completed film to schools, youth clubs, health services and Scottish Parliament to raise awareness and hopefully have a positive impact and help break the taboo around this issue, so that young people may feel more able to talk about it and seek help.

The film’s working title is ‘Careless’. It’s going to take months of work, including extensive research and we’re trying to raise funds to realise this project.

If you feel you would like to contribute or know more about the project please follow this link. Suicide amongst young people is rising. Please help us make a difference.

Stuart and Catriona Delves

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