Calling all emerging writers

medalWe’re in the last week or so of the period when you can nominate someone (even yourself) for the first ever 26 Writing Award for an emerging writer. Surrounded as we’ve been by all those images of Olympic medal winners, you can see the joy it brings to win. Think of this award as the 26 Olympics – who will you want to see win Gold? We’ll announce the winner at Wordstock on 15th October but you have to be in it to win it – so please put forward your nomination before the deadline date of 4th September.

The winner will get a beautiful trophy and there will be certificates for the top three. The winner will also get free 26 membership for a year. If the winner is part of an agency or company, no doubt a fair share of kudos will go there too – so think on, agencies and companies as well as individuals, who will you nominate?

It’s all very easy to enter and completely free. Here are the criteria:



This award is for someone who began commercial writing in the last five years. Their work is brilliant. The writer can be young, a newbie or a mid-career switcher. There’s no age limit. And they don’t have to be a 26er.

TO ENTER: You can recommend yourself or someone else…

* write the reasons for your nomination in <260 words

* provide proof – a link or sample of the work

* declare your relationship to this person (if any)



Judges will be a panel of 26 board members (board members are not eligible for the award).

Don’t hang about. You only have a few days left.

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