Bloomsbury is back

As we look forward to another jam-packed Bloomsbury festival later in the year, Andy Hayes shares an update on 26’s role and how you can get involved.

We’ve been proud partners with the Bloomsbury Festival for five years now. And every year we get a bit closer, furtively shuffling from the fringe right into the heart of the action. Last year, despite the COVID restrictions which led to a shift to online events, we played our biggest role yet and the festival team was delighted with our contributions. Hopefully this year there will be a return to more live events.

This year’s theme is Shining Light and we’re delighted to announce that we aim to pair up 26 writers to 26 events at this year’s festival in October. This year’s participants include artists, community groups, dance troupes and mime artists to name but a few.

We’ll finalise the details and invite writers to apply for the project in April. In the meantime, we’ll need at least four more 26 members to be editors (can be a joint role as a writer as well) and join our core project team alongside John Simmons, Martin Clarkson, Lauren McMenemy, Rob Andrews and Andy Hayes.

Could you help with the editing and the writing?  We’d love to hear from you, particularly if you feel you could bring some special skills to the project – technical, design, organisational, communications, PR or social media.

Send an email by 3 April to Richard and we’ll be in touch.

– Andy Hayes

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