Bloomsbury Festival Encore

If you missed last year’s Bloomsbury Festival, or would simply like to delve back in, Andy Hayes has good news for you.

We’re pleased to announce Bloomsbury Festival Encore, a second chance to experience some of the highlights from last year’s festival. This will run on Vimeo and across their social media platforms. They’ll be featuring material from all three of our projects from last October’s Festival: EYE:SPY, Writers in Residence and 26 Weeks.

The programme will run for three weeks from 25 January, featuring limited re-runs of Bloomsbury Festival 2020 performances, exhibitions and events. This is a great opportunity to catch some wonderful work and grab some joy amidst the lockdown gloom.

Watch out too for news of a new project we’re lining up for this year’s festival (on the theme ‘Shining Light’). And the festival is really keen to welcome 26’s writers in residence again.

– Andy Hayes

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