Because, because, because

Why do words matter so much to each of us? And why could they matter even more to our readers or clients? Why be inspired to a greater love of words in business and in life? Our latest 26 project sets out to answer these questions in a book that we can all use to convince people of just how powerful and beautiful the words we love are.


At a recent Board meeting we reaffirmed 26’s purpose as: “to inspire a greater love of words in business and in life”.

But why? As your readers or your clients might ask.

We decided to produce a little book of answers. A book to keep, perhaps in your back pocket ready to be pulled out at a needy time. A book to share or give away. A book that will invoke, provoke or evoke a conversation on why words matter.

This time there was no pulling names out of a hat to get to the magic number of 26 writers. We asked all members of 26 to respond, beginning with the word Because. Then we selected and attributed 26 to show the individuality and diversity of our writers, with at least 26 reasons why words matter so much. Each of you will then be able to add a 27th, your own personal words to fit a particular client or situation.

The Book of Because will be available to buy at this year’s Wordstock. We expect you will want to give some away (to those people who most often ask Why?), so we are selling the books in packets of five.

Why should anyone be inspired to a greater love of words in business and in life?


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