A teacher writes

John Simmons gave out copies of ‘26 Treasures of Childhood’ to various clients before Christmas. One of them, from a London law firm, passed her copy of the booklet to her old school teacher in Australia. This is an email John received from that teacher.

Dear John,
Congratulations on your 26 Treasures anthology. It is a brilliant idea. Anything that gets kids communicating and being aware is fantastic and the anthology does that in spades.

I am Vicki Brett’s former Literature teacher – ten years ago now. She was included in my first edition of Primo Lux – a poetry anthology I construct every year from poems submitted by students from all over Western Australia. I am so pleased she has gone on to work in communications. She is not alone.

This year I will bring out the tenth edition of Primo Lux. You will understand how tired it makes one, but the reward is in the students finding expression, giving voice, saying what they feel. Your anthology connects the past with now and it is wonderful. The quality of the photographs matching the text – great.

A wonderful project. Well done.

Veronica Lake (Western Australia)

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