26’s Emerging Writer Award – final call for entries

The deadline for entries to our Emerging Writer Award isn’t far off, but there’s still time to get your entry in before Friday 1st February. Whether you started your writing career in the last five years, or would like to nominate someone else you has, 26 wants to hear from you. Still need convincing? Here’s what our first winner Bert Preece has to say on the matter…

We all know about the imposter syndrome. The idea that we’re all frauds. We’re not good writers. We’re not even writers. People should just get Grammarly instead of working with us…

A lot of us go through these dark moments. But at the same time, we know it’s not true. We know this because of things like statistics, testimonials and when we watch our words change people’s behaviours. And awards – winning, being nominated or entering them – are good for reminding us too.

For me, the Emerging Writer award has been great for reminding me I’m not an imposter. It’s also been a good conversation starter. A nice way people have introduced me to others. A nice trophy on my bedroom shelf.

Lots of people know about 26 in the world of branding and design. More than you might think. So, these awards are an excellent opportunity to stand out. 

Entry won’t cost you a penny, and you don’t even need to fill in a form. All you need to do is send examples of your work and a paragraph explaining why you’d like to be considered to awards@26.org.uk. The deadline for all entries is Friday 1st February.

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