26 Wordstock 2023: A One-Day Festival of Writers and Writing

26 Wordstock returns on Saturday 21st October in Conway Hall Library and tickets are available now!

For those new to 26, Wordstock is our annual event (part inspiration, part celebration) for anyone, from any field, who loves words and writing.

This year, we’ve partnered with the Bloomsbury Festival and the Wildlife Trusts to bring you three-and-a-half hours of conversation, writing, and sharing, all built around the theme of “Growth”. How do words grow with us, and how do they help us to not only grow, but notice the growth and the change taking place in and around us?

There will be pencils, passion, and plenty of tea, all in a £12 ticket.

You can learn more about the Bloomsbury Festival and buy your tickets here.

Good writing can change the world

We are delighted to announce a programme packed with 26 regulars and friends.

  • Alastair Creamer and Nicolas Laborie invite us to take greater notice of the moments we let slip away, leading a session of writing and sharing around their own poems and photos.
  • The New Bloomsbury Set, a group of young creatives, give four five-minute TED-style talks. How has their research and writing helped them place themselves in modern-day Bloomsbury?
  • Jacob Sam-La Rose makes a quiet offering of poetic peace.
  • Writers from this summer’s “26 Plants” project show us how a list of endangered plants can be the only creative seed we need.
  • Kaye Brennan and the Wildlife Trusts turn our focus outwards to think about the future, and about what our writing can change when we choose to let it.

If all that isn’t enough, Neil Baker will be leading some writing, sharing, and reflection across the afternoon, while Lydia Thornley perches to the side, responding moment-by-moment with a sketch-pad and a ready-sharpened pencil.

Wordstock has long believed that good writing can change the world. It’s time to put that to the test!

– Max Parfitt

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