26 Treasures: the return

It was so good last time that we decided to do it again. But differently. And bigger than ever.

Those of you who took part in last year’s 26 Treasures project with the V&A, as part of the 2010 London Design Festival, will know what a joy and great success it was. The website is still active and we’ll be developing it again for the 2011 version of 26 Treasures. Take a look at the site to see what it was all about in 2010. However, for now, here’s what we can say about 2011….

We’re talking to the V&A which will be the hub for the project. We also have conversations, happening as I write, with the National Museum of Scotland, the Ulster Museum and the National Library of Wales.We’re confident these will turn into 26 Treasures projects and the chance to be paired with your very own treasure in one of these great museums. Last year nearly 100 people applied for the 26 places available. We’ll be happy if we get the same numbers applying this year so we have fewer disappointed writers.

So, here’s what we need to know. First, who’s interested? The idea will be, as before, to write 62 words of personal response to an object in one of the museums that you will be paired with. Last year we had an exhibiton, a booklet, a website and events. This year, who knows, but the museums are all keen. If you’re interested email johnsimmons@blueyonder.co.uk

When you email, you can opt for the regional museum that appeals to you (perhaps because it’s local). We will use your location (or original place of birth) as a way of selecting who we can include. So if you’re from Wales, Scotland or Northern ireland, let us know and your chances will increase.

We’ll carry on the discussions with the various museums and hope to tell you more by the time of the next newsletter towards the end of February.

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